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World's Largest Indoor Water Park


Photo courtesy of West Edmonton Mall.

almost the world's largest indoor waterpark...

Photo courtesy of West Edmonton Mall.

Where's the World's Largest Indoor Water Park?

You might be forgiven for answering "Wisconsin Dells": a smallish town that made it big with indoor water parks, and is still the "indoor water park capital of the world". Every year, one or another of the resorts in Wisconsin Dells adds a new extravaganza so they can boast about "the biggest" and "the best". (About.com's Guide for Theme Parks keeps tracks of them all.)

But the world's largest indoor water park is elsewhere...

Previously, the title was claimed on Kyushu, an island in Japan: Ocean Dome not only had a giant indoor beach, palm trees, mechanized parrots, and waves big enough for surfers, it also had a volcano that erupted with flames. Ocean Dome was part of the giant Seagaia resort complex; Ocean Dome, however, closed in 2007.

And with this closure, the largest indoor water park in North America could claim the title for "world's largest water park". Shift your gaze to Alberta, Canada, where the super-sized West Edmonton Mall has hundreds of stores and many entertainment venues, including the gigantic World Waterpark.

Features of World Waterpark include:

  • five acres, tropical temperature
  • world's largest indoor wave pool
  • miles of tube slides and waterslides, all levels including Extreme
  • several kid zones

West Edmonton Mall also has: Galaxyland Amusement Park, Deep Sea Adventure in a real submarine, minigolf, rock-climbing wall, haunted castle, and much more. Stay in the theme rooms at Fantasyland Hotel; several styles-- such as "Igloo"-- have bunk beds.

Alberta, by the way, is the Canadian province above Idaho and the western part of Montana. Capital city Edmonton is a reasonable driving distance from the Rockies' star tourist towns, Banff and Jasper.

World Waterpark, it should be noted, is not a water park resort (though as noted above, West Edmonton Mall does have an associated hotel.) The debate about "What's the largest indoor water park" at a water park resort is a different issue -- and sometimes contentious. See our About.com site for Theme Parks, which covers the ongoing claims and bragging rights for the world's largest indoor water park.

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