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The Grand Canyon


Grand Canyon - Photo ©  Teresa Plowright
Grand Canyon - Photo © Teresa Plowright

The Grand Canyon is almost too "grand" to comprehend: there's the North Rim (less visited), the South Rim, and the 18-MILE spread between them; the 227 miles of length; the mile drop to the Colorado River. How to explore it? You can hike into the Canyon on several trails; take a mule trip down; do a helicopter ride; or a multi-day raft trip.

Definitely do stroll along the rim, to hear the quiet and get a sense of the scope of the place as the views change below. Take time to explore some of the visitors'centers, such as Yavapai Observation Station. The Lookout Studio is an interesting stop, with striking design and murals within. Have lunch, and perhaps stay at, the historic El Tovar Hotel.

The Grand Canyon is a National Park, which means it has Ranger Programs, and a Junior Ranger program for kids. (Great programs: kids complete an activity book, and earn a certificate and badge.)

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