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Airport Baby Lounge - Amsterdam

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Airport Baby Lounge - Amsterdam

Photo courtesy of Schiphol Airport.

It just keeps getting better... services and conveniences for families traveling with babies, that is.

Amsterdam's giant Schiphol Airport has long had a baby/toddler play area; one of my own babies once used a crib there, during a long layover. Now, a redone Babycare Lounge -- developed by Nutricia, a major baby-food company -- gives families a five-star welcome.

The Babycare Lounge has seven semi-transparent cubicles (see photo), each with a little bed where baby can sleep, and comfortable seating for the rest of the family. The Lounge also has baby baths, baby changing tables, play areas, microwaves.

Use of the Schiphol "Babycare Lounge by Nutricia" is free.

Read more at the Schiphol Airport site.

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