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Games to Play in the Car

Below you'll find "The License Plate Game" and other games to amuse kids on long car trips. You may also be interested in Travel board games, toys, and activity kits.

The License Plate Game
Find two versions of this perennial backseat favorite-- a game that can only be played in the car.

More Travel Games to Print Out
Print out these pages of travel games to play in the car: Connect the Dots, Tic Tac Toe, Animals A to Z, Rhyming Game, and simple word games to play out loud.

Classic Car Travel Games
Click "Free Games" for over twenty simple games to play in the car.

Nifty Plates from Fifty States
Made to play in the car, this game includes a stack of 50 license plate cards with info on each state.

Mom's Minivan
This website has dozens of ideas for keeping kids happy on car trips, including games to play in the car, ideas for toddlers, ideas for babies, and more.

Backseat Activity Kits
For your next car trip, try an activity kit made by the creative company Klutz Press, which publishes colorful, original hands-on "books" crammed with neat stuff and activities.

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