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Travel Board Games


Whether you're on a houseboat, cruise ship, car trip, camping or resort trip, board games are a great way to spend some together-time on a family getaway.

Scrabble Flash

Scrabble Flash. Photo © Pricegrabber.com.
Photo © Pricegrabber.com.
This new game -- which is more like Boggle than Scrabble -- uses nifty electronic tiles. Each tile displays a letter, and a player links the tiles together to make words. When a word is formed, the smart electronic tiles keep score. The game has solitaire and multi-player versions. Suggested age is eight and up, but the tiles are fun to handle and younger kids may like playing around with them. Could be a good learn-to-spell tool, too!

Travel Scrabble

Scrabble is a the classic word game, and fun to play with older kids. Buy yourself a travel version to take on trips.

Boggle Mini Travel Game Keychain

Boggle is another classic word-game, and this tiny version even has a mini-timer.

Snakes and Ladders Travel Game

Some things never change... kids are still going up and down those snakes and ladders.

Magnetic Travel Chess Set

Go intellectual mano-a-mano with your son or daughter. And what can you say, when your (young!) kids beat you at chess?

Pop-o-matic Trouble

Trouble is a fun board game for ages 5 to 8 that shrinks well to travel-size. The "pop-o-matic" part refers to how you "pop" the dice, instead of rolling them: they're enclosed in a plastic bubble, so they can't get lost.

Clue Jr. Travel Size

Here's another classic board game that's available in a portable version for traveling families.

10 Magnetic Games

Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Bingo, Snakes & Ladders, , Solitaire, Tic Tac Toe, chess... ten games are packaged in a set that includes magnetic game pieces and storage space, dice, and instructions.


Sharpen your wits, for this classic code-cracking game! Mastermind is played in pairs and suits ages nine and up. It's easily portable and a brain-challenge even for parents.

Settlers of Catan - Travel Edition

Settlers of Catan is probably the best known of the "German-style board games", which aren't necessarily German (though they usually are) and which are also known as "Designer" or "Euro" games. These games are challenging yet can be played in an hour or two.

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