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Gifts for Family Travelers

Suggestions for Travel-Related Gifts for Moms and Dads


Below find gift ideas for the grown-up travelers in the family. You may also be interested in Travel Gifts for Kids

iPods, MP3 Players, and Accessories

Entering a private audio world can be a welcome respite when waiting for a plane or enduring long hours on a flight. The products and choices get better every year.

Rolling Luggage

It's the only way to roll. Pick a different color than black, so you can easily identify your luggage when it's on the carousel at the airport. Many bright colors are available. Or pick a different style, like a duffel bag with rolling wheels.

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Passport Holder

You can find passport holders in many styles and colors, and most of them have room for other documents too.
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Hanging Toiletry Bags

Hanging toiletry bags are really useful, and they come in a surprising range of styles.

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Portable GPS

Let me just say: my family will never again drive in unfamiliar regions or foreign countries without a GPS.

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More Gifts for Traveling Moms

These gift ideas include Merrell shoes, Tilley hats, the Apple iPad, silk undershirts (great for an extra layer of warmth), and more items that are handy for traveling.

More Gifts for Traveling Dads

Dads might like Tilley Hats and iPads too: see these and other suggestions for gifts for Dads.

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