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Summer Vacation Ideas - by Region


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Southwest US
Mesa Verde - Photo courtesy of Crow Canyon Archaeological Center.
Mesa Verde - Photo courtesy of Crow Canyon Archaeological Center.
Yes, it will often be hot during summer months in this part of the US. But with so many great places to visit -- including big draws like the Grand Canyon-- families love to visit despite the heat.

Some choice ideas for summer include: white-water rafting in the Grand Canyon (a multi-day trip); a Phoenix resort with its own water park; rafting day-trip in Taos New Mexico; "Family Archeology Weeks" in Crow Canyon, Arizona; a lakefront resort just outside Las Vegas...

Houseboating on Lake Powell or Lake Mead is a popular idea -- really popular; expect plenty of company in summer. Our About.com Guide for Southwest Travel also suggests aquariums as fun places to visit with kids: Texas has the biggest and best. And in summer months the bonus with visiting an aquarium is-- air conditioning.

(One thing you probably won't do in summer is visit an Arizona dude ranch: many close in May and re-open in fall, when the heat's died down.)

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