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Family Ski Resort Choices, in Six Regions


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Get on the Slopes!
Alta Mountain, Utah - Photo ©  Teresa Plowright
Alta Ski Resort, Utah. Photo © Teresa Plowright

short-cut to: Family Ski Resorts in New England, Pennsylvania, New York State, Colorado, Utah, Canada.

Forget "Old Man Winter": for families who ski or board, "Winter"'s a buff guy in gortex, and a chance to get onto white slopes under bright blue skies.

So, where to go? The next pages have suggestions in six regions. Keep in mind that regions differ in some key features that are important for family skiing:

  • Vertical lift: small mountains are great for learning but as kids get older, the family may crave longer runs at bigger mountains
  • Quality of the snow: for many of us, skiing on ice is not so nice, while champagne powder is sweet. Utah, Colorado, and the interior area of BC are great spots to try.
Also take a minute for some Points to Consider in Choosing a Family Ski Resort, such as:
  • advantages of non-celebrity ski resorts
  • airport-to-slope-time
  • "Kids Ski Free" opportunities
  • kids' programs: some ski resorts go all out not only with kids programs but also teen programs and deluxe child-care centers.
For any trip planning, always check the destination's website for the latest updates, and be sure to read recent visitor comments at a site like TripAdvisor.com.

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