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For family travelers, February can be a nice time for uncrowded getaways before Spring Break, if your kids aren't tied to a school schedule. Do expect a busy time, though, on "President's Day" long weekend (Monday Feb. 18), which some schools stretch to an entire "President's Week".

March, meanwhile, brings a 10-day break for many schools; and in 2008, March is the month for an early Easter, too. Which means Easter Egg Hunts at zoos, Parades, White House Egg Roll...

And then comes family-vacation behemoth Spring Break, usually in April; weeks vary depending on the school district.

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  4. Kids Fly Free to Disneyland
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Winter Carnivals

Photo of Ice Palace ©  Teresa Plowright

In cold climates, the months after the Holiday Season need celebrations! Fun at Winter Carnivals includes ice palaces, snow sculptures, snow slides, dog-sledding, Polar Golf, torchlight parades... Quebec City's Winter Carnival is the biggest bash: a real family event in this charming town that has its 400th birthday in 2008.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras photo by Kate Elkins; www.NewOrleansOnline.com.

Mardi Gras-- that blast of fun before the austere weeks of Lent in the Catholic religious year -- has, shall we say, a pretty wild reputation for its parades in Brazil, Trinidad, New Orleans... But New Orleans has a family-friendly side as well. And if you find yourself in Orlando from early-Feb. to mid-April, head to Universal Orlando for Mardi Gras Weekends.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Photo ©  Teresa Plowright

Chinese New Year festivities are spread over several weeks, and families visiting New York, Seattle, San Francisco, LA, and other cities can find parades, Lion Dances, and other colorful events.

Kids Fly Free to Disneyland

photo courtesy of Disneyland Resort.

This nice bargain returns every year. Both United Vacations and Alaska Airlines offer this promotion, in various forms; and Alaska's travel-by dates extend well into June. For some dates, Kids Play Free, too.

Ski Resorts for Families

Photo of Alta ski resort ©  Teresa Plowright

There's fun for all ages in the snow these days: ski, board, tube-slide, snowshoe, sleigh-ride... Plus programs for kids and teens, even baby care.

Beach Getaways

Photo ©  Teresa Plowright

Mexico and the Caribbean are top spots for families, with their all-inclusives beach resorts; but there are many other options too, in the southeast US, Florida... Or go west, to California or the beautiful Hawaiian islands.

More February Ideas

And that's not all, folks... Check out more fun for families, in Jan. and Feb.

March Ideas - including Easter!

Cherry Blossoms, and Jefferson Memorial. Photo © JakeMcGuire.com.

Many schools -- especially in Canada-- have a 10-day (or longer) March Break: a terrific time for a getaway, because the ski slopes beckon just as much as the tropical beaches. Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC, Maple Sugar Season in Vermont, St. Patrick's Day; plus of course Florida resorts, ski resorts, resorts with indoor waterparks... Book Early for March Break!

Also in 2008: Easter's early, on March 23rd. Look for Easter Egg hunts at zoos, railroads, ski resorts, traditional Easter Parades and Egg Roll at the White House, more.

Cherry Blossoms, and Jefferson Memorial. Photo © JakeMcGuire.com.


It's peak travel season, for many families: many schools have a 10-day break in April. Families head to the ski slopes for spring skiing, or south to beach resorts; Washington DC is popular too. #1 spot, however, is indisputably:

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