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Over, Under and On the Golden Gate Bridge

-- a San Francisco family adventure


Golden gate sightseeing - photo, bridge

Photo © Tony Conboy III

-- a guest article by Tony Conboy III

Taking your family to San Francisco? To make it the most memorable trip possible, you've got to hit the Golden Gate Bridge trifecta - seeing the Golden Gate from every possible angle - taking your family over, under and on the famed Golden Gate Bridge.

San Francisco might not immediately come to mind as a top tier family travel destination, but it makes a strong case because of its many unique attractions and its Golden Gate Bridge.

Riding On the Golden Gate Bridge

An absolute hit with children and families is the fire truck tour of San Francisco. The tour, which culminates with a drive over the bridge in an open air antique fire truck, is a nearly two hour long sing along complete with real firefighter coats to keep you warm on the cold San Francisco days. A variety of San Francisco landmarks, in addition to the Golden Gate, are pointed out during your journey. For more information visit Fireenginetours.com.

Flying Over and Under

To best see this picturesque city and all of its breathtaking landmarks, try a helicopter tour. Speaking of breathing, you might need to tell yourself to keep breathing when the tour helicopter flies over and then UNDER the Golden Gate Bridge. Flying over the Golden Gate Bridge is routine, but on days with good weather, the pilot will often ask if anyone objects to flying under the bridge. Before we even had a chance to respond, we were on our way, flying under the Golden Gate Bridge Bridge and giving us a thrilling memory we will never forget. For more information on the helicopter tours, visit www.sfhelicoptertours.com.

The Movie Tour is a must for anyone who considers themselves a movie buff. During the three hour tour, location after location, from the scenes of famous movies filmed in San Francisco, are pointed out. The tour also takes you to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge where you can get a view of the underside of the bridge.

Don't think this tour isn't for the family; favorites like the home of "Mrs. Doubtfire," as well as the home used in the opening credits of children's favorite Full House, are pointed out during your driving tour of the city in an air conditioned mini-bus. For more information, visit www.sanfranciscomovietours.com.

Another underside viewing opportunity of the Golden Gate is provided by one of the options included on the Wharf Pass. The Wharf Pass allows purchasers to choose from a variety of Fisherman's Wharf-based attractions, all for one low price. One option is a San Francisco harbor cruise on the Blue and Gold Fleet. The narrated boat tour takes you out into San Francisco Bay and under the Golden Gate Bridge. For more information on the Wharf Pass, visit www.wharfpass.com.

After taking advantage of these attractions, you'll be guaranteed to have memories of the San Francisco that will last your family a lifetime.

Photos © Tony Conboy III.

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