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Xcaret Theme Park

- Mayan Riviera, Mexico

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Photo courtesy of Xcaret.

See XCARET PHOTOS for more pix.

Photo courtesy of Xcaret.
Visitors to Cancun or the Riviera Maya soon hear about Xcaret, as many ads promote this attraction and sister eco-park Xel-ha: you may never be sure how to pronounce "Xcaret", but you'll certainly be aware of it.

Xcaret: Introduction

What, exactly, is Xcaret"? The buzzword is "eco-archeological theme park"... imagine Disney-meets-National-Geographic. Xcaret aims to package the Yucatan's Mayan history and its tropical lagoon ecology into one day-long fun experience.

The result is well-executed; Xcaret is a terrific place for a family to spend a day.

Xcaret is approximately an hour's drive south of Cancun. All resorts organize excursions; also, tourist kiosks in Cancun also outings to Xcaret and Xel-ha. Or you can rent a car and drive yourself; or take one of the buses that fly down the highway, and then return to your resort by one of the taxis awaiting at the end of the Night Show.

Xcaret : Plan of Action

Photo courtesy of Xcaret.Photo courtesy of Xcaret.

Approach your visit to Xcaret like a visit to a major theme park: arrive early; expect to spend a couple of hundred dollars; and stay as late as the park is open, to enjoy Xcaret At Night.

You'll be covering a lot of ground during your visit, so it's nice that the park has many quiet spots where you can rest in a hammock, or your kids can play in the sand. You'll also find great restaurants.

Xcaret: Park Highlights

Underground River Float
The standout activity at Xcaret is a 1,590-foot swim in an underground river. This is indeed a fab experience, and even kids as young as five can participate: everyone is issued a life-jacket.

"Underground", by the way, doesn't mean pitch-black and scary: some areas are like tunnels, but you can always see light.

If the river gets crowded, simply get out of the water: there are many pretty places where you can climb out and take a break.

Other watery activities at Xcaret include swimming at the beach and snorkeling in a warm lagoon, and premium (i.e. extra charge) activities such as dolphin encounters, snuba, sea trekking, and excursions to the coral reef.

Xcaret also has a river boat ride: very pretty, but know that this is a hot, slow, ride; families may find their time is better spent elsewhere.

Xcaret: More Park Features

Flora and Fauna
Be sure to visit the Butterfly Pavilion and the Tropical Reef aquarium. (See all attractions on the Xcaret map.) Also, throughout the park, you'll come across habitats for creatures such as giant turtles, or orphaned manatees.

I'm not a zoo-lover --hate to see caged animals-- but still it was a thrill to see the magnificent pumas and jaguars who had a large "cageless" area in Jaguar Island.

Xcaret : Mayan World
As for the archeological part of the picture: there are indeed some genuine ruins in Xcaret, as well as a recreated Mayan Village that's fun for kids to explore. My family zipped past the ruins for two reasons: we'd already visited spectacular Tulum, and we were in a rush, having underestimated how much there was to do at Xcaret.

Xcaret Live Entertainment
Xcaret has several daytime performances. A horseback show -- Fiesta Charra in Xcaret-- takes place right by the El Mexicano Restaurant (an excellent eatery for families.) Arrive early, get a ring-side seat, and have your meal while the show goes on.

One of the live performances: "Voladores de Papantla" -- Papantla flyers-- is based on a ceremony worshipping the sun god, 30 meters in the air. The four flying men represent the elements earth, air, fire and water. (Always check web site for updates!)

Xcaret, flying men. Photo © Teresa Plowright.Photo © Teresa Plowright.

Xcaret Night Show
The grand finale of your visit is the excellent xcaret Mexico Espectacular night-time show that takes place in a large roofed theater. This show is a spectacular production, not to be missed. Families with kids are everywhere, and the music, fast pace, and cast of hundreds including horses will keep even little kids and teenagers entertained.

The night begins* with an ancient Mayan ball game: imagine basketball with hoop that's sideways on a wall, a sloped court, and a heavy ball that can only be hit with the hips. Next -- during our visit-- came a panaoramic sweet through Mexican history, and then a medley of regional dances. Audience reaction added to the fun, as the many Mexicans at the show cheered the regional songs.

Read more about at the Xcaret site.

-continue to Xcaret Photos

* Always check for updates and changes! See the Xcaret site, and visitor comments at TripAdvisor.com.

As is common in the travel industry, the writer was provided with complimentary entrance on some occasions. While it has not influenced this review, About.com believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest. For more information, see our ethics policy.

User Reviews

 5 out of 5
90 USD well spent, Member Scorpiusil

I had read many things about this place, however, you know how internet is. They use to put the best pics and places end up being false. I found their website and saw a 10% off, so bought the entrances online. Kids pay 50%. We were 2 adults and 2 kids (one of them has special needs), so we're usually away from crowdy places. First we visited the butterfly pavillion and the acquarium. They could touch a starfish and some other species, then we went to a natural pool, right by the beach where they could swim and then we went to an undergroud river. The stained-glass roof was one of the prettiest part; then went to the scenic tower... what a wonderful view! After that we went for lunch in a mexican restaurant, right by the horses show, very nice, even though the explanation was in spanish. The food is really good too. The best part was the show, you see real flying macaws and doves, horses, a game with a fireball, and many traditional performances. My son was attonished with the music and songs. My advise: buy the plus package because if you just get the basic, you'll end up paying a lot more in lockers, towels and meals (just the buffet is 39 USD!), and bring comfortable shoes cause you'll walk half marathon!

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