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Plane Trips Tips

Find advice for keeping kids happy on plane trips, for plane travel during peak season, for fear of flying, and more.

How to Survive Plane Trips With Small Kids
Find practical tips about strollers, snacks, what to bring on the plane to keep kids amused, and more.

Rules for Carry-on Luggage
Get the scoop on what liquids you can carry on the plane: remember, "liquid" includes lotions, gels, salsas, and honey, too. On the plus side, exceptions are made for baby formula and baby food.

Air Travel With an Infant
About.com's Guide for Air Travel takes you from the planning stages (- passport, insurance, booking a seat), to At The Airport, On the Plane, use of strollers, and more.

CARES Airplane Seat Harness
This light-weight seat harness secures your child in the regular airplane seat, so parents don't need to bring a car seat along. Suits kids who weigh between 22 and 44 pounds.

Fear of Flying
Many kids (and grown-ups) have a fear of flying. Read advice about how to help your child board the plane without being afraid.

Summer Air Travel Tips
Air travel in summer can be a stressful experience, when airports are crowded, lights are overbooked, and many cities get thunderstorms that cause flight delays and cancellations. Read survival tips.

Air Travel Tips for the Holiday Season
Find advice about reducing the stress of flying during this peak period.

More about Family Air Travel
About.com's Guide for Air Travel covers many topics of interest to families including tips about kids flying alone, advice about flying when pregnant, and tips about air travel for family emergencies.

Checked Luggage Tips
Find tips about how to lock checked bags, how to protect your luggage from damage, and how to find out what airlines will check a bag for free.

What to Bring on the Airplane
Tind out about liquids, medications, carry-on bags, strollers, car seats and other items that passengers can bring on airplanes (or not.)

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