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The Louvre


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The Louvre Museum: Introduction
Courtyard at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Photo ©  Teresa Plowright.
Photo © Teresa Plowright.


Many parents feel trepidation about visiting this giant art museum with kids in tow: but you can have a wonderful time visiting the Louvre with kids. 

It's a gigantic place, with plenty of people milling through, so you needn't be concerned about a few outbursts of baby or toddler talk.

Also, like other art museums in Paris, the Louvre is free for kids up to 18 years old*: so who cares if your visit to this pantheon of western art lasts only an hour or two?

You do, however, need to sacrifice any fantasies of seeing more than a fraction of this great museum: but that goes with the territory of Travel With Kids... Come back and linger once the kids are grown up. Your mission now is to make great memories with them.

Above is part of the vast courtyard between the two wings of the Louvre. To the right is the controversial pyramid disliked by many when it was built in 1989, though it's a Paris landmark by now. 

*Check current visitor info at The Louvre website.

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