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1000 Acres Ranch Resort


Where is the 1000 Acres Ranch Resort:

1000 Acres Ranch is a four-seasons dude ranch getaway in Stony Creek, NY: 220 miles from NYC, 70 miles from Albany, 225 miles from Boston.

Location is scenic, on the Hudson River; Lake George recreation area is a 20-minute drive away.

Features at 1000 Acres Ranch Resort:

  • inclusive pricing with three meals daily; prices with riding, or without
  • value price point for packages
  • heated indoor pool with Jacuzzi; heated outdoor pool, kiddie pool, in summer
  • spring and summer activities include: hiking, horseback riding (many trails through the Adirondacks; ponies for small kids) ; 9-hole golf; row-boats; fishing; many sports; rodeos; wagon rides. Take an outing to summertime fireworks on Lake George.
  • fall: most of the above activities, plus Fall Foliage packages
  • winter: downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating, horseback riding, wagon rides.
  • More about Activities:

    • guests paying "riding rates" get one ride a day, and unlimited riding at their leisure; Wednesday is "Horse Holiday", and rafting is offered "at a nominal charge"; free pony rides for ages 6 & under; private riding lessons for "nominal charge"
    • "on-season" activities include tournaments, scavenger hunts, face painting, water games, and arts & crafts [il]free golf Mon. to Fri.

    Packages at 1000 Acres Ranch Resort:

    See the 1000 Acres Ranch site for packages for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, etc. Packages typically include three meals daily, horseriding, bonfires and other activities.

    Find out more about 1000 Acres Ranch Resort:

    • See the 1000 Acres Ranch site
    • check visitors' comments at TripAdvisor.com (-just enter "1000 Acres Ranch Resort" in the searchbox)

    Keep in mind:

    • lodgings include cabins, lodge, "motel units"
    • no tv's in rooms
    • meals are family-style: pass the chicken, home-made mashed potatoes; comfort food; home-made desserts
    • many families return year after year
    • lots of live music, country-style
    • read visitor comments: some guests love the down-home vibe, some not
    • brink your own drinks and snacks, one guest suggests
    *Always check web site for updates!

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