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Top Things to do in New York City with Teens


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Start With: Big Apple Greeters
Ferry past Statue of Liberty - Photo ©  Teresa Plowright
Photo © Teresa Plowright.
New York is exciting for any age but there's an extra thrill in visiting with a teen old enough to know they're in one of the world's great cities. Below are highlights from two trips, one with a 13-year-old and one with a 17-year-old, from "The Beast" Harbor Tour, to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum... And good news: many of these activities are low-cost or even free.

1. Big Apple Greeters
Make this the first item in your trip-planning! Friendly New Yorkers volunteer to show tourists around their favorite town. A terrific introduction to NYC -- and free.

"Greets" vary with each visitor: visitors are asked about their interests when they sign up (usually online.) One common denominator is that all Greets teach visitors how to use the New York subway system: call it empowerment! Now you can get around town cheaply and conveniently. Read more about a Big Apple Greet.

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