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Club Med -features for families - Baby Club Med. Photo ©  Teresa Plowright
From its earliest days, Club Med -- which started as a real club -- has had G.M.'s and G.O.'s: G.M.'s are the guests ("gentil membres", or "gracious members"); G.O.'s are the "gentils organisateurs", or "gracious organizers", i.e. what otherwise might be called "staff". But at Club Med, "staff" would not be the word you'd use to describe these extroverted energetic G.O.'s who run the kids clubs, or the land activities, watersports, or front desk; who also perform in evening shows, join guests at meals, greet and chat with them throughout the day, and fundamentally give Club Med it's unique friendly ambiance.

Don't believe me? Just head to TripAdvisor.com and read comments about a Club Med resort -- Club Med Ixtapa Pacific, for example.

Another part of the picture is the "Chef de Village", or "Chief of the Village". This will be someone who's been at Club Med for many years, starting as a G.O.; who lives and loves the Club Med life; who's constantly on the move throughout the resort, greeting guests, and making sure all's well.

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