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Photos of the London Eye


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The London Eye: Introduction
London Eye - from river. Photo ©  Teresa Plowright.
Photo © Teresa Plowright.

The London Eye, built for the year 2000 millenium, soon became an important landmark on the Thames, and is now a must-see for many visitors.

What's the appeal? Well, there's the the striking visual appearance of this giant spoked circle on the banks of the Thames; plus the chance to get a birds-eye view of London. If the weather's clear, visitors can get a 25-mile view.

The London Eye stands 135 meters high, and is the sixth tallest structure in London. It's "flight" is a gentle and slow half-hour in capsules holding 25 passengers.

Interesting factoid: sections of the giant wheel rim of the London Eye were floated in on the Thames, and assembled on the spot.

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