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Halloween and Thanksgiving Vacation Ideas


Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World.

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World.

Halloween celebrations and events have multiplied to the point where they're a holiday season on their own. All through October, families can find find haunted houses, Boos at Zoos, Halloween-themed weekends at country inns, theme park events from Sesame Place Spooktacular to Mickey's Party to teen Horror Nights, all culminating on October 31st.

And be sure to dress up, for your haunted hayride or parade or theme park outing! Find Funny Halloween Costume ideas - for babies, kids, adults. See also Halloween books to take along.

After Halloween in the US comes Thanksgiving, celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. A family get-together for Thanksgiving turkey dinner is the big event of the weekend for many people, but Thanksgiving also marks the start of the "Holiday Season". This makes for extra fun at family destinations: Christmas decorations go up at the Disney parks, for example, and family-friendly resorts usually schedule a tree-lighting or Santa preview appearance at the end of their weekend festivities.

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