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Top Things to do on Kauai, for Families


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Introduction to the Island
Kauai, North Coast. Photo ©  Teresa Plowright.
Kauai, North Coast. Photo © Teresa Plowright.

It's called the "Garden Isle", and that's your clue about what to expect: verdant natural beauty, a slower pace (--and if you want shopping, night-life, and high-rises in Hawaii, that's spelled "Waikiki").

Kaua'i is a small island, 33 miles long and 25 across; see a profile including climate, parks, etc. Many of the beautiful beaches are great for surfers but not swim-able, particularly for kids; some resorts compensate with creative pools.

For Where to Stay, see family-friendly Kauai Resorts, and more accommodations on Kauai.

Read on, for some top activities for families in Kauai. (And for the companies that offer them, head to Kauai Discovery.)

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