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Family Vacation Ideas in Sixteen Popular Regions


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Florida Ideas for Families
Walt Disney World, Mickey Mouse on globe. Photo ©  Teresa Plowright.
Photo © Teresa Plowright.

Let's start with that mecca for family vacationers, Orlando, Florida: the top spot on the globe for family vacations, thanks to its multiple theme parks. Read about Disney World, the Universal Orlando theme parks, other attractions, top Orlando resorts, Orlando at Spring Break and at Christmas...

It's extra fun to visit the theme parks at special times of the year: check out Disney Christmas, and also Star Wars Weekends at Disney World in May, and Mardi Gras Weekends at Universal Orlando, late Feb. to April.

Beyond Orlando, there's much, much more to visit in the Sunshine State. Families can choose from the Space Coast, the Treasure Coast, the Emerald Coast, the Florida Keyes, Sanibel Island, the unique Everglades National Park...

Families are spoiled for choices. There's even a Caribbean-style all inclusive resort in Florida.

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