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Australia Gold Coast - Things To Do


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Visit Lady Elliot Island on the Great Barrier Reef
Lady Elliot Island, Great Barrier Reef, view from plane. Photo ©  Teresa Plowright.
Photo © Teresa Plowright.
The Gold Coast also offers an easy way to sample the Great Barrier Reef, which is off the coast of northeast Australia. Visitors can take a two-hour plane jaunt to the Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort, at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef.

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort is a laid-back place with a superlative setting for exploring the reef. This resort offers an opportunity to snorkel right off-shore. (In most areas, the Great Barrier Reef can only be reached by a boat excursion.) Lady Elliot Island has two "channels" where guests can simply walk offshore without damaging the coral and start snorkeling over the reef. The resort also offers glass-bottom boat trips with a stop for snorkeling (wetsuits provided), and "reef walks" -- fascinating walks, or rather wades, alongside the coral at low tide, accompanied by a naturalist who points out details about the reef life. Lady Elliot Island is also a destination for scuba divers, and would-be divers can get certified here.

The Lady Elliot Island Resort has no tv and only limited internet access, which can be a plus with kids of a certain age, who might at first resist being cut off from their media fixes but then happily slip into enjoying the real life around them.

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