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Australia Gold Coast - Things To Do


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Enjoy the Beach
Australia, Gold Coast beach. Photo ©  Teresa Plowright.
Photo © Teresa Plowright.
The Gold Coast stretches 70 km and includes several towns, the most famous being Surfer's Paradise. The Gold Coast is Australia’s 6th largest city, with a population of over 550,000; its many highrises may recall Miami (and in fact there is a town called Miami there.) The sun shines 287 days a year.

The Gold Coast is just 69 km (42 miles) south of Brisbane, and an easy way to get there is to fly into Brisbane Airport and take the Airtrain. Visitors can even use an AirtrainConnect service that combines the train ride with chauffeured transport to the door of their Gold Coast hotel. 

Family-friendly lodging is plentiful, as many Australian families head north to the Gold Coast during winter (which starts June 1st.) Pepper's Broadbeach, for example, offers large suites and a great location just a two-minute walk from a beautiful beach (above). Very few hotels are right on the beach, which means that much of the shore is wide open for walkers, swimmers and surfers.

North American families looking for beachside eats need to learn that the various "clubs" along the shore are open to anyone, and are good places to find casual meals. For a more upscale but still casual spot with great views, try Oskars at Burleigh Heads.

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