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Top Vacations with Babies and Toddlers


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Tyler Place Family Resort: Highgate Springs, VT
Tyler Place Family Resort

Many hotels and resorts say they welcome babies and toddlers, but few truly give young families the support they need to relax on vacation. Here's the cream of the crop in vacation providers that get it right.

On the shores of Lake Champlain in northwest Vermont, the award-winning summer all-inclusive Tyler Place Family Resort goes above and beyond for families with kids under 3. The secret sauce is the exceptional staff of college-age and professional counselors, who provide a counselor-to-child ratio of nearly 1:1. Bringing a baby to the Tyler Place means you'll be given a parents' helper who provides one-on-one baby care and companionship for the entire week. During the day, your baby and parents' helper can attend an infant-friendly activity group. In the evenings, your helper will give your child dinner and quiet playtime or take your child back to your accommodations for an early bedtime while you enjoy dinner at the inn. This is flexible care designed to give parents a caring support system while also offering plenty of together time with their babies.

Hate being nickeled and dimed? Not an issue here. Tyler Place is on our shortlist of America's best all-inclusive resorts for families.

Caveat: Your family might get hooked. The Tyler Place is chock-full of families that return year after year, and your baby's first vacation may lead to a summer family tradition.

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