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Kid-Friendly Hotels & Resorts

Check out a wide variety of accommodation choices for family travel, from resorts to guest ranches to alternatives such as vacation home rentals and home exchanges.
  1. All Inclusive Resorts (13)
  2. Family Hotels (15)
  3. Family-Friendly Bed and Breakfasts (4)
  4. Dude Ranches (12)
  5. Travel with Dogs (7)
  6. Other Accommodations (5)
  7. Family Resorts with Water Parks (20)
  8. Family Resorts (21)

Top Vacations with Babies and Toddlers
The best vacations for families with babies and toddlers offer support through flexible childcare, babysitting, and age-appropriate programming.

Best Family-Friendly Golf Resorts

These resorts pull out the stops with family and junior programming, reduced greens fees, super instruction, and everything you need for a family golf vacation.

Resorts That Can Accommodate a Family of Five
Lots of families-- including my own-- have three (or more) kids, which can lead to frustration, when a hotel or resort allows a maximum of two adults and two kids per room. Fortunately, many family hotels and all inclusive resorts are "family-of-five-friendly."

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