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Visit a Pumpkin Patch


pumpkin patch photo - photo courtesy of PickaPumpkin.com
Photo courtesy of PickaPumpkin.com.

Plan a great getaway during "Fall-o-Ween" season, with:

Tips for Visiting a Pumpkin Patch

  • many pumpkin patches also offer a corn maze, hay rides, petting farm, or other fun for families
  • to choose your fruit (yes, fruit) : come with a carving pattern in mind; or get inspired by the shapes you find
  • make sure your pumpkin can sit level on the ground
  • ripe ones will have a dryish stem
  • leave the stem on! You'll need a handle for the "lid" of your carved pumpkin. (And don't carry the pumpkin by the stem or it might break off.)
  • see more tips about picking, carving, cooking; free carving patterns too

Find a Pumpkin Patch
See list below; wherever your fall getaway, you can probably find a local pumpkin patch. Watch out, though: some pumpkin patches are real, where you really pick your own; some are just fields where pumpkins have been laid out.

Below are some good sites online, to find a pumpkin patch:

  • New England: the "pick your own" variety of pumpkin patch, in each of the New England states
  • Pick a Pumpkin Patch- 35 miles from Albany NY; hayrides, hay tunnel, farm animals, cider donuts, and more
  • Pittsburgh: a guide to Fall Festivals and Pumpkin Patches

*photo courtesy of PickaPumpkin.com

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