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Getting Around Europe

Find tips about getting around Europe as a family: discount airlines, car "Eurodrive" options that can be better than car rentals, train passes...

How to Get an American Passport

American citizens need a passport to travel to most international destinations. Since 2009, a US passport or US passport card is even necessary to travel to and from Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean. American citizens do not need a passport to travel to US territories such as Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Guam.

Required Documents for International Travel with Kids

Taking kids to an international destination? In general, each adult in your party will need a passport and minor children will need either passports or original birth certificates. Documentation becomes more complicated when one parent or guardian is traveling alone with a minor. Here's what you need to know.

Transportation Overview
About.com's Guide for Europe Travel covers train trips, driving options, buses, and air travel.

Discount Airfares in Europe
Since the Ryanair revolutionized prices for short flights within Europe, many discount airlines now compete and offer very attractive low fares.

Getting Around Europe: "Car Lease Buy-Back"
For visitors staying in Europe more than 17 days, this option could be better than car rental. Advantages include good pricing, brand-new vehicles, convenient pick-ups, multi-city drop-offs, and zero-deductible insurance coverage. Note: arrangements must be made before the trip!

Car Rentals In Europe
For a family, driving your own vehicle in Europe offers many conveniences, and may even be cheaper than other options, such as train tickets for a family of four. Read about driving in Europe, including a "rail-drive" option that might suit your trip.

Car Travel in the UK: Kids Carseats
The UK has strong rules regarding car and booster seats for kids; even a child as old as 11 may need a booster seat. Taxis are more or less exempt but there are plenty of rules, so UK-bound families should take a look.

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