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Disneyland Paris (Euro Disney)


Euro Disney - Sleeping Beauty Castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle. Photo courtesy of Disneyland Resort Paris.

Originally named Euro Disney, "Disneyland Paris" got off to a slow start in 1990, and certain critics looked down their noses at the appearance of Mickey in a country of haute culture like France. However, a few years later Mickey had the last laugh, the theme park turned an profit, and Euro Disney (as it's often still called) is a top tourist destination today.

The Disneyland Paris Resort complex includes:

  • two theme parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios
  • Disney Village, with entertainment, restaurants, etc.
  • seven themed hotels
  • Golf Disneyland
Location is just 32 kilometers, or 20 miles, from Paris. (Adventurous family travelers might want to try another theme park near Paris: Parc Asterix is based on the Asterix comics beloved in Europe for decades.)

Visitors can expect wonderful seasonal decorations and festivities, at Halloween (even though in general Halloween is much less celebrated in France) and for the Holiday Season -- Disney's Fairytale Christmas, for example.

For those heading to Euro Disney:

  • the official Disneyland Paris site includes visitors' information such as Discover The Park, Where To Stay, Disney Village (entertainment, restaurants, etc.), and more-- and is available in half a dozen languages.
  • About.com's Guide for France Travel gives you the basics you need before visiting Disneyland Paris: Getting There, park hours, ticket info, etc.
  • DLP.info is an example of an ambitious "unofficial" fan site, and covers many aspects of "Euro Disney" in English and German.

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