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Disneyland and Disney World - How Do They Compare?


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It's About More Than Size...
Photo © Teresa Plowright.
While Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World in Orlando may both have Star Tours and Dumbo the Flying Elephant, they are very different places indeed. People familiar with one can easily have a mistaken view about the other:
  • Those who know Disneyland in California may think: Why go to Orlando to Disney World, it's the same type of experience, right? (Wrong!)
  • Visitors familiar with the vastly bigger Disney World may think: Why should I bother visiting Disneyland in California?
It's certainly true that Disney World's four theme parks and 43 square miles dwarf Disneyland's 300 acres. Disney World is also arguably the only theme park complex in the world where someone who doesn't like theme parks can have a great time. (Send them to Epcot's international pavilions, or Animal Kingdom's beautiful African and Asian areas, or to one of the golf courses and top-flight restaurants.)

Yet there are still great reasons to visit Disneyland-- including unique attractions, easy logistics, and an unmatchable nostalgia factor -- as we'll see in following pages. But first:

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