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Holiday Season / Christmas Vacation Packages


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Holiday Season: The Polar Express
Polar Express, photo courtesy of Grand Canyon Railway.
Photo courtesy of Grand Canyon Railway.

"The Polar Express" is a beautifully illustrated children's book by Chris Van Allsburg (made into a movie-- see links below) about a child's train ride to see Santa at the North Pole.

In a number of locations in the US -- New Hampshire, Great Smoky Mountains, Colorado-- families can have a "Polar Express" experience: a real-life train ride for kids, that re-creates the mood and even some events from the classic book.

Read more about The Polar Express Train Rides - in New Hampshire, North Carolina, Arizona, and more locations. Often, local hotels and inns offer packages that include the train ride. For example, the Grand Canyon Railway has packages that include lodgings at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, plus dinner and breakfast buffets.

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