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Family New Years Eve Celebrations


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"First Nights"
Family New Years Eve - firewors - Photo by Susan Cole Kelley, courtesy of First Night Boston.
Photo by Susan Cole Kelley, courtesy of First Night Boston.
-- ideas for Family New Years Eve: in Panama City Beach, Hershey PA, Disney World, LEGOLAND California, a family camp in Vermont...

In days of yore in your life, "New Years Eve" may have been code-word for "wild party night". But nowadays "Family New Years Eve" is the buzzword in more and more places. Check out eight suggestions in the following pages for good times -- family times, that is -- for New Year's Eve. You can also continue to some additional Family New Year ideas.

Most notably on the year's penultimate night, First Night celebrations take place in many cities: these are family-friendly non-alcohol-imbibing festivities, with emphasis on the performing arts-- and as if that weren't good enough, they're low-cost, too.

First Nights date back to 1976, when Boston pioneered an "alternative way of ushering in the New Year", with a mission to broaden the public's "appreciation of the visual and performing arts". Typically, families can enjoy multiple short performances of dance, drumming, music, puppets and more: guests purchase (for a modest price) a button that provides entrance to performances held at multiple venues.

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