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Belize Travel Tips


Belize -- pronounced "Beliz"-- is a small country just south of Mexico, and next to Guatemala. Travel to Belize can offer a comfortable foray into Central America for either eco-tourism, Mayan ruins, or a Caribbean beach holiday (including great snorkeling or scuba on a barrier reef).

In the words of the Lonely Planet guidebook: "English-speaking, Creole-dominated and with a thoroughly coup-free history, most of this tiny country has an atmosphere so laid-back it's almost comatose."

Belize Travel: Ambergris Caye

For beach holidays, feast your eyes on Ambergris Caye (pronounced "key".) The coast of this small island is protected by the 190-mile-long Barrier Reef. Ambergris Caye's one town is a small, relaxed place. When our family was there with a one-year-old, we rented a beach-side suite in a modern hotel, and had our own kitchen facilities.

The Barrier Reef is only a short boat ride away: you can easily book a trip for diving, or just snorkeling-- at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, for example, which is a mere ten-minute ride from town.

Belize Travel: Eco-Tourism

Visitors interested in tropical forests and wildlife can start exploring at the Belize-it website.

Top attractions include:

  • the Cockscomb Basin Preserve, a jaguar preserve
  • the Community Baboon Sanctuary, home to more than 1000 black howler monkeys
  • Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, noted for birdlife.

A number of resorts/lodges offer nature experiences, such as bird-watching, rafting, and jungle hikes.

Belize Lodges and Resorts

Belize has a number of lodges (sometimes called "jungle lodges") whhere guests will spend most of their time on-property, which makes buying an inclusive package -- a good idea.

A couple of cautions about Belize vacations...
  • car rental is expensive: understandably, given the state of the roads; even rugged four-wheel drive vehicles wear out fast.
  • Belize City is generally not considered safe after dark-- although the situation is improving, reportedly.
  • as with any family trip to a less-developed country, take precautions with food and water. It's also a good idea to know where you'd find a doctor, if you suddenly needed one.

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