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Road Trips Tips


Road Trips Tips

Who needs driving directions?

Looking for tips to make your family road trip fun for everybody? Start by introducing your kids to classic car games such as I Spy, I'm Going on a Picnic and The Name Game. There are also many fabulous travel toys and activities that are portable and easy to take along on your trips.

Below are more tips to help you plan your road trip and make it as much fun as possible.

Road Trips 101

Find Great Routes for your family road trip.

How to Survive a Long Road Trip with Kids
Snacks, games, picnics, potties, playrooms... find practical tips for surviving road trips.

Games to Print out and Play in the Car
For kids age 5 and up, print out some simple games to play in the car on a road trips. The list includes two versions of The License Plate Game.

Audio Books
Make the miles fly by while you listen to stories in the car.

Backseat Activity Kits
These creative activity kits by Klutz Press are perfect for road trips.

Amusing Kids on Car Rides
For a long road (or plane) trip, here's a list of suggestions for several age groups.

Road Trips with Babies
Tips for buying car seats, for coping with crying babies who hate their carseats, and even for buying a car that will suit the baby years.

Prevent Motion Sickness
"Mom, I feel sick"-- the words you most don't want to hear on a road trip!

Feeding Kids on Road Trips
Find five good tips to help with road trips, including eating at places where Kids Eat Free.

Fuel Cost Calculator
How much will the gas cost for your road trip?

Prepare Your Car For a Road Trip
About's guide for Auto Repair tells you how to get your vehicle ready for the highway (for warm-weather trips.)

Winter Car Emergency Kit
Let's hope you don't need it, but About.com's Guide for Cars tells you what to take along in case of a break-down or accident.

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