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Caribbean Islands, A to Z

-Overview For Family Getaways


Every island in the Caribbean has its unique flavor. Some have colonial towns or other sightseeing to explore; others are famous for coral reefs. Families love their resorts, especially all inclusives, but be sure to get out and explore. all resorts arrange tours, and on some islands it's practical to rent a car and explore on your own.


Family Vacation Deals in the Caribbean & Mexico

 Here’s a selection of handpicked special offers that are currently available in favorite kid-friendly resorts and destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean. Also remember that American citizens do not need a passport to visit Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands (USVI). This page will be updated regularly, so please come back often.

Which Islands Have All Inclusive Resorts?

Caribbean Islands - Jamaica all inclusive resort

Families flock to the Caribbean for all inclusive resorts. Your destination may be determined by whether or not it offers these convenient getaways.

Anguilla, for Families

  • small island, lesser-known as a destination for families
  • eastern Caribbean, just east of the USVI
  • don't expect mega-resorts
  • beautiful beaches; good snorkeling, scuba
  • British influence (including left-hand drive)
  • good rating for friendliness and safety*
  • see Family Fun, at the Anguilla site - glassbottom boats, horseback-riding, and other outings.


  • small island, in the eastern Caribbean, northeast of St. Kitts and Nevis, north of Dominica and St. Lucia
  • 365 beaches; snorkeling; scuba
  • day trips to undeveloped sister island Barbuda
  • British influence and historic districts. Nelson's Dockyard National Park, fully restored, is the only Georgian dockyard in the world
  • Jolly Beach is a family-friendly all inclusive resort, as is the luxury St. James Club Resort & Villas
  • more about Antigua and Barbuda

Aruba For Families

Caribbean Islands - Aruba - Photo courtesy of Aruba Tourist Authority.
Photo courtesy of Aruba Tourist Authority.
  • The "A" of the "ABC" Dutch Caribbean islands, below the hurricane zone
  • Oranjestad town has historic sections
  • 43 nationalities
  • local lingo Papiamento is fun to try
  • don't expect lush terrain
  • name-brand resorts
  • A+ for friendliness, safety*
  • see Aruba for families - resorts, outings and attractions, flights and airports


Atlantis Bahamas Photo ©  Teresa Plowright
The Atlantis, Bahamas.
  • just a hop from Florida (and technically in the Caribbean)
  • 700 islands!
  • British influence; historic forts
  • busy areas, quiet areas
  • avoid during Spring Break
  • many resorts, including the legendary Atlantis Paradise Island with giant water shark lagoons, large kids pool area, lazy river, amazing waterslides, and much more
  • Our Lucaya Resort, Grand Bahama, with Westin and Sheraton resorts, is popular with families and has a pool with slides and waterfalls
  • See Bahamas Travel Guide for attractions, travel info, resorts, and more


  • most eastern Island in the Caribbean; direct flights from the UK
  • “the most British” island
  • much-developed, except for the most rugged coastlines
  • considered a safe, friendly island
  • resorts include ritzy (and family-friendly) Sandy Lane, and two all-inclusive Almond Resorts with nurseries
  • "A" for safety, friendly atmosphere*
  • see Barbados for families


  • known for pink sand beaches
  • 180 small islands; seven are connected
  • location is north, 600 miles off N. Carolina; technically not Caribbean
  • low season is Nov.- April, unlike the islands in the Caribbean
  • safe, upscale destination
  • British influence
  • sightseeing includes forts, caves
  • Barrier Reef nearby for scuba and snorkeling
  • resorts, inns, B&B's, cottages
  • A for safety and friendly atmosphere*
  • see Bermuda Island Guide


  • one of the "ABC" Dutch Caribbean Islands
  • don't expect lush terrain, or big name-brand resorts
  • known for diving
  • the ocean is the big attraction, and Bonaire's fringe reef is a protected national park (Bonaire Marine Park)
  • Buddy Dive Resort welcomes families
  • Dutch, English, Spanish, and Papiamento (creole language) are spoken; kids will enjoy learning a few words of Papiamento
  • see Bonaire For Families - where to stay, attractions and fun outings.

Cayman Islands

Photo courtesy of Cayman Islands Department of Tourism.
  • Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac
  • British territory in the western Caribbean northwest of Jamaica
  • Grand Cayman is a sophisticated financial center
  • known for diving and beaches (such as Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman)
  • popular tours to "Stingray City" (sandbar with rays you can feed and hold)
  • Pirates week festival in November, Cayman Brac Family Week in July
  • family-friendly attractions and resorts

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