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Curacao: Willemstad

- World Heritage Town, in the Dutch Caribbean.


Curacao: Willemstad - Photo ©  Teresa Plowright.
Photo © Teresa Plowright.
Picture an Amsterdam street, with narrow buildings along a canal... Now redecorate in rainbow colors, and you have an idea of what Curacao's like.

Willemstad, capital of Curacao, is a fascinating town with centuries of history, first class photo ops, and a charmingly odd floating footbridge that hinges open to let boats through.

Willemstad is the only World Heritage Site in the Caribbean, and is also a place where you're comfortable wandering around on your own for shopping and sightseeing. Wander the streets, shop, visit the oldest synagogue in the hemisphere, stroll over the Queen Emma floating bridge...

Willemstad is also home to a stunning world-class museum, the Kura Hulanda Museum. The Museum's focus is on the history of the slave trade, and it's a must-see for grownups and older kids; expect an emotional whallop. The Museum also impressive sections on modern and ancient Africa.

By the Museum is one of the world's most unique hotels, the Kura Hulanda, left. Both are the offspring of a visionary Dutchman. Read more about the Kura Hulanda Hotel.

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