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Caribbean Family Vacations

High season in the Caribbean is from January to April (plus the Holiday Season, of course), but even in summer months families flock to the all inclusive (and other) beach resorts for which the area is known.
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How to Get an American Passport

American citizens need a passport to travel to most international destinations. Since 2009, a US passport or US passport card is even necessary to travel to and from Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean. American citizens do not need a passport to travel to US territories such as Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Guam.

Required Documents for International Travel with Kids

Taking kids to an international destination? In general, each adult in your party will need a passport and minor children will need either passports or original birth certificates. Documentation becomes more complicated when one parent or guardian is traveling alone with a minor. Here's what you need to know.

Family Vacation Deals in the Caribbean and Mexico
Looking for a deal on a family vacation in the Caribbean or Mexico? Here are deals and special offers offered by top kid-friendly resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico.

Hurricane Season 2014: Mixed Bag of Expert Predictions
Summer vacation in the Caribbean? Beach getaway in Florida? Here's what the experts are saying about the risk of hurricanes in 2014.

Overview of Caribbean Family Vacations
Head here for shortcuts to the main topics if interest to families planning Caribbean vacations.

Carlbbean Vacations: All Inclusive Resorts
Families love their all inclusive resorts! Read about what to expect, what are the best features, what's typically included, what to watch out for, and more.

Caribbean Islands
Each island has a unique character. Some have colonial towns or other sightseeing attractions to explore, others are famous for coral reefs...

Which Caribbean Islands Have All Inclusive Resorts?
Check out the islands most likely to offer this easy type of getaway.

Caribbean Vacations In Mexico
Don't forget that the eastern part of Mexico's Yucatan -- including Cancun and the Mayan Riviera -- has shores on the Caribbean Sea.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica has beaches on both the Atlantic and Caribbean side, and is especially known for nature-tour vacations, visiting the Cloud Forest, volcano, wildlife refuge, etc.

US Virgin Islands
The US Virgin Islands offer a Caribbean experience that's still part of the US. Three distinct islands offer white-sand beaches, super snorkeling, a major National Park, colonial towns and forts, and some popular family resorts. See top things to do in the USVI.

When is Hurricane Season?
Find out about the peak months for hurricane season and read about strategies for protecting your Caribbean vacation.

Atlantis Submarine Cruises
A fun outing on Caribbean vacations: Atlantis submarine cruises are offered on many islands, and are a great way to give kids a tour of the ocean floor.

Dominican Republic Vacations
The DR -- which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti -- is a popular destination for all inclusive resorts. Punta Cana has beautiful long beaches; the north coast offers boogie-boarding, surfing, kiteboarding, and several tourist towns; capital city Santo Domingo has centuries of history.

Top Things to Do in Barbados
Barbados a friendly though much-developed island, with fun family outings. Barbados is the most eastern Caribbean island and has convenient direct flights from the UK.

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