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Choosing an All Inclusive Resort


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There are Five of Us
Marina El Cid Riviera Maya. Photo ©  Teresa Plowright.

Marina El Cid Riviera Maya - some units can sleep up to eight.

Photo © Teresa Plowright.

Families with three kids are often frustrated when hotels and resorts allow a maximum of two adults and two kids per room. These rules are especially irksome if the kids are little and would be more than happy to all snuggle up on one bed. Many properties offer adjoining rooms, which may be a good -- if costly-- solution with older kids. Little kids, however, can't stay in a room alone, so sleeping arrangements get more complicated still.

Fortunately, a number of all-inclusive resorts are "family of five friendly", and some can accommodate bigger numbers too. Sally Black -- founder of VacationKids.com travel agency-- has a useful list of such resorts, that includes choices in Jamaica, other islands, and several in Cancun and the Riviera Maya-- which are technically "Caribbean vacations", too.

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