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Quebec City Carnival


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Zipline. Photo courtesy of Carnaval de Québec.

Zipline: just one of many fun things to do at the Quebec Carnival.

Photo courtesy of Carnaval de Québec.
The Quebec Carnival -- Carnaval de Québec-- is a family event that celebrates winter to the fullest: in fact, it's the world's biggest winter carnival.

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Everyone is welcome, and don't worry if you don't speak French: people working in tourism or the restaurant sector will happily speak English. In the words of a Traveling Mom:
"English-only speaking families would find Quebec City friendly and accommodating and very family-centric. Everyone I met, from taxi drivers to shop owners, was happy to speak English, give directions and recommendations." -- Kim Orlando, Founder, TravelingMom.com
Quebec's Winter Carnival take place over 17 days in late January and early February, with big events - such as parades and outdoor concerts-- scheduled on the three weekends. Visiting families can have fun at the Carnival and also take the opportunity to explore historic Old Quebec, which feel like a mini-trip to Europe.

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