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Go Boston Card

- for families


Go Boston Card - pirate ship

USS Constitution.

Photo courtesy of Tony Conboy III.

Go Boston Card a hit with families

-- a guest article by Tony Conboy III

The new Go Boston Card is just what the doctor ordered for families visiting Boston. The Go Boston Card allows a purchaser to visit as many as 50 top attractions for one low price. Just as you purchase theme park tickets, Go Boston Cards can be purchased in one-day or multi-day (2, 3 & 5) day uses. There is also a child's version of the card for kids, ages 3-12. One day cards cost adults, $45 and children, $25; multi day-cards are discounted: 3-day cards are $95 and $45 - a substantial savings. (Rates at time of writing; check website for updates.)

Of all the attractions available on the Go Boston Card, the big "splash" with my eight-year old had to be the Duck tour, a part truck and part boat all-fun tour of Boston. A former WW II amphibious craft, the tour starts with the vehicle cruising the streets of Boston with its affable driver pointing out famous landmarks. The driver then switches the vehicle's gears and becomes a "captain," as the boat coasts down a boat ramp and into a river to provide a waterside view of Boston.

Even in the early spring, tours were very busy, so if you are going to take a Duck Tour, call ahead. For more information, visit Boston Duck Tours or call 617-450-0068.

The Beantown Trolley is another option with the Go Boston Card. I would suggest taking the Trolley tour first when you arrive for a number of reasons. You can get acclimated to the city and its historical landmarks, and you can get on and off when it is convenient for you; finally, the trolley tour is good for a second day of use. You have a chance on the second day to go back and visit attractions and locations that you were short-changed on during the first day.

The trolley's 19 stops are nearby almost every possible tourist attraction in Boston meaning no matter what you are looking to visit, you won't have to walk too far. For more information: 617-236-2148.

The Museum of Science is also another featured attraction of the Go Boston Card. We woefully underestimated the size and scope of the museum. Teaming with school children on field trips, the Museum of Science provides hours of entertainment for children of any age. A favorite is the live animal exhibits in an educational type setting. On the day we visited, a boa constrictor had the crowd of about 100 in awe. For more information: 617-723-2500 or Boston Museum of Science.

A surprise to me was my young daughter's interest in the North Church made famous by Paul Revere. You know the story, the lanterns were hung and Paul (and others we learned) took off on horseback to alert the Colonists that the British were coming. The entire story of Paul Reverie's ride captivated my daughter as did the church itself. The nearby USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) museum and tour, was also a surprising hit with my daughter and many other youngsters.

More from the Go Boston Card

The Go Boston Card also provides free entrance to the Mass Bylines Whale Watch, Mass Bay Lines Harbor Cruise, MIT Museum and even the nearby Six Flags New England theme park.

Note: the Duck Tour and the Beantown Trolley Tour are two of the most expensive attractions available with the card, so to get your money's worth, be sure you take advantage of them.

Finally, each card includes a handy pocket sized publication that includes a listing of detailed information with maps, phone numbers, websites and other important information for participating attractions.

For more information on the Go Boston Card visit Go Boston Card or call 617-742-5950.

*photo courtesy of Tony Conboy III.

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