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Club Med

- Unique All Inclusive Resorts


Club Med Cancun Yucatan, photo ©  Teresa Plowright.
Club Med Cancun Yucatan, photo © Teresa Plowright.

Club Med is a unique brand of all inclusive resorts, where families can find:

  • top-of-the-line kids programs
  • Baby Welcome that provides baby gear and food
  • Baby Club Med and Petit Club Med (extra charge)
  • leading-edge Passworld for teens and tweens
  • unique friendly ambiance, thanks to "G.O.'s"
  • prime locations: Club Med often has the best location in a resort area
  • a Caribbean-style all inclusive resort in Florida

Club Med started in the fifties as a tent-village on a Mediterranean beach. Much has changed as Club Med has worldscaled and upscaled to over 90 properties in 40 countries, but from the start, and still today, Club Med villages have had G.M.'s and G.O.'s: G.M.'s are the guests (Gentil membres, "gracious members"); and G.O.'s are the staff (gentils organisateurs, "gracious organizers.")

GO's are one of the best features of Club Med for kids and teens: these out-going young people can be seen at all hours; little kids love to meet their kids' club GO's around-and-about, and GO's are certain to reach out to teens and invite them to activities.

Location, Location
Club Med has often been the first resort to buy into a developing area. In Cancun, for example, Club Med Cancun Yucatan has 22 acres and its own peninsula with private beach areas -- just a short walk from where other properties sit all in a row.

International Guests
Club Med is based in France, and has an international clientele. At some Villages, and depending on school holidays, you may find yourself among European -- or even Brazilian-- guests.

Kids Programs
Say good-bye to kids clubs with video screens; programs are more like camps, active and geared to teaching; trapeze is a specialty at many Club Meds; others may feature roller-blading, watersports, hip-hop dance. Also, Club Med has different programs for different ages: 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds, walking and non-walking babies, etc.

See more about Club Med kids programs, below.

Leading-Edge in Fun for Tweens Teens
Passworld is offered at many properties: themed areas for hanging out, with teen-friendly GO's, and cool activities like dj mixing and hip-hop dance; designed for two age groups, 11 to 13, and 14 to 17.

Signature Activities
Club Med resorts have professional-type theatres, and each week kids and teens put on the "MiniClub show". Each age group performs complete with costumes, lighting and sound effects. Great fun for all. On other nights, G.O.'s stage performances, or outside entertainers take the stage.

"Crazy signs" are signature Club Med: a G.O. leads a crowd (of all ages in dancing to crazy moves. Probably the only time you'll find yourself hopping in the same place as your teen.

Trapeze: kids and adults alike can learn.

Shared meals: alas, this unique feature is being phased out at resorts with predominantly North American visitors. Dining at Club Med has always meant round tables that seat eight: guests chat with G.O.'s and other G.M.'s over meals.

More About Kids Programs at Club Med

Club Med Villages variously offer:

  • Baby Club Med, 4 months to 23 months (extra charge)
  • Baby Welcome program, with amenities, high-chairs, crib, bottle warmer, etc.
  • Petit Club Med, from 2 to 3 years, usually divided into sub-groups (extra charge)
  • Mini Club Med From 4 to 10 years, in different age groups
  • Passworld, for ages 11 to 13, and 14 to 17

Club Med Cancun Yucatan in Mexico has Baby Welcome program, Mini Club Med From 4 to 10 years, and Passworld Wash Station for ages 11 to 13 and 14 to 17.

Club Med La Caravelle, on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, has Baby Welcome program, Petit Club Med, Mini Club Med, and Junior Club Med for ages 11 to 18
Club Med Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, has Baby Welcome program, Baby Club Med, Petit Club Med, Mini Club Med, and Passworld
Club Med Sandpiper, in Florida, has Baby Welcome program, Baby Club Med, Petit Club Med, Mini Club Med, Passworld
Club Med Ixtapa, (Mexico, north of Acapulco) has Baby welcome program, Baby Club Med, Petit Club Med, Mini Club Med, and Juniors' Club Med for ages 11 to 18*.

Club Med Membership, Hurricane Guarantee, Travel Insurance
Club Med guests must purchase a membership, which includes travel insurance benefits. (Membership for one year costs $60/adults, $25 for kids under 11.)* Guests also get a complimentary Hurricane Protection Program (basically a certificate replacing the land portion of any days lost to hurricanes.) An optional Travel Insurance and Protection Program includes "cancel for any reason" coverage.*

* Always check resort websites for updates!

As is common in the travel industry, the writer was provided with complimentary accommodation at some of these properties. While it has not influenced this content, About.com believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest. For more information, see our ethics policy.

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