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Airbnb for Family Travelers


Nursery in family-friendly unit in San Diego. Photo courtesy of Airbnb.
Photo courtesy of Airbnb.
Introduction to Airbnb

Airbnb is a website that connects individuals who have a space to rent with travelers seeking a place to stay. Accommodation could be a spare room to rent, or B and B-type lodging, or an entire home or apartment.

Airbnb has evolved rapidly from its start in 2008 and has moved from more of a "rent spare space in my home" approach to full-on rentals of apartments or houses. Many listings still embody the "share my home" philosophy, but a wide variety of other options are available to travelers and are easily searchable.

Along the way in its rapid development, Airbnb has added many "Trust and Safety" features -- read more, below.

Airbnb is a fast-growing social media phenomenon, connecting supply and demand via a friendly interface and with a sense of fun. At time of writing, guests can search for treehouses, castles, boats, caves, yurts, tipis, earth houses, and more.

Airbnb for Traveling Families

Advantages for families include:
  • Affordable price
  • Lodging that can sleep five or more
  • Kid-friendly homes with yard, nursery, etc.
  • Extra amenities such as a pool
  • Personal connection, if you choose to stay with a host, who can give you tips about enjoying the neighborhood and the destination, and perhaps show you some of the local sites
Airbnb has thousands of family-friendly accommodation listings, and makes it easy for families to find these places. Start with the "Family Friendly" section at Airbnb.com. You'll find destinations as varied as Orlando, Seattle, and Amsterdam. The website provides filters you can use to zero in on family-friendly rentals; filters can also display accommodations that have certain amenities, such as pool, kitchen, etc.

The example of family-friendly accommodations shown in the photo above is in San Diego, and offers a large kitchen, pool, and extra bedrooms for $140 a night.

Keep in Mind:
  • Airbnb offers numerous "Trust & Safety" features including a 24/7 hotline
  • A round-the-clock "Airbnb Concierge" service is complimentary with every booking, and for example could help plan family activities at a destination
  • Visitor comments give a good feel about what a stay in a place is like
Note that many Trust and Safety features are designed to protect hosts, such as a $50,000 Airbnb Host Guarantee, privacy controls, aides for screening guests, and a References feature. The Airbnb Trust and Safety Center for tips for guests, tips for hosts, FAQ's, and more.

This brief profile is meant to introduce this service to family vacationers; please note that the writer has not sampled these accommodations in person.

*Always check websites for updates!

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