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Out-of-the-Ordinary Ideas for Winter Vacations


Galapagos family adventure, photo courtesy of Austin-Lehman Adventures.
Galapagos family adventure, photo courtesy of Austin-Lehman Adventures.
For something a bit different than a beach getaway, or Orlando, or a ski resort...

Ice Hotels
Imagine a hotel made entirely out of ice. Adventurous visitors can find ice hotels in Lapland, Sweden and elsewhere in Scandinavia. There's also an ice hotel not far from Quebec City in Canada, and it can be easily visited as a day trip outing, while overnight stays also include a guestroom as a nearby regular hotel.

Escorted Tours to Asia
Explore exotic lands with all logistics and details handled, and itineraries that combine cultural experiences and sightseeing with kid-friendly fun such as a visit to a water park.

New Mexico at Christmas
Not so far to travel, yet visitors will find a unique and different cultural background that shines-- literally-- with millions of "farolitos" at Christmastime.

Yellowstone Lodging and Learning Packages
These packages for families, offered by the Yellowstone Association Institute, do just what they say: combine lodging with a great opportunity to learn about this wonderful National Park. Explore with a naturalist, track wildlife, go snowshoeing, and meanwhile enjoy a stay at the historic Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel.

Family Adventures
These upscale escorted group tours offer great itineraries to destinations in the U.S. and around the globe. All details and logistics are handled, and every day is carefully designed to be memorable. Sample winter adventures include The Galapagos, Costra Rica, Vietnam, Antarctica...

Family Safaris in Africa
If a safari in Africa has been a dream all your life, maybe this is the time to do it -- as a family trip. About.com's Guide for Africa for Visitors has advice about which countries suit families best, safari tour options, how to do your own trip...
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