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Family Adventures in Asia

Winter Vacation Ideas: out of the ordinary



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Escorted Family Trips to Asia

Once upon a time there was a company called Intrepid Travel, that specialized in tours to Asia and other exotic destinations; and then it happened that both of the co-founders of the company had kids.

Would this put a damper on their travels to far-flung destinations?

Darrell Wade says of himself and his Intrepid partner: "Over the years, Geoff and I have both had families and were confronted with the question 'can you travel with children in the Intrepid way?' Well, yes you can! We have both done lots of trips with our kids, so this year we decided to put our experiences to work."

Intrepid has several itineraries of two-week Family Adventures in Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, China, and India. You need to pay your own airfare (as is typical of Family Adventure tours), but land prices are a fraction of the typical Family Adventure price range (-- which hopefully reflects the lower prices in Asia generally.)

Having traveled to four of the five countries mentioned above, I'd lay bets that the trips will be both fun and fascinating.

The itineraries mix the cultural and the fun: for ex., a Vietnam trip might include an emperor's tomb, fishing villages, caves, boat trip, pirate ship aquarium, waterpark. Hopefully the cultural education will last for life.

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