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Hilton Head Island, SC


Photo courtesy of the Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce.
Photo courtesy of the Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce.
Hilton Head is a small island -- just 12 miles long and 5 miles wide-- 35 miles northeast of Savannah GA, and 100 miles south of Charleston SC. Hiltoh Head Island is a popular spot for families (and for golfers), and gets over 2M resort visitors a year.

Luckily, much natural beauty has been preserved even with this amount of tourism. The area is known for white-sand beaches, palm trees, live oaks, pines and other trees elegantly festooned with Spanish moss.

Hilton Head is generally an upscale destination. Resorts are typically located in gated "plantations"-- with names like Sea Pines and Palmetto Dunes-- that also have private residences. For example, Palmetto Dunes has Hyatt and Hilton properties plus private vacation homes. Outdoors

  • Nature lovers can choose from several nature preserves including the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, which offers bridges, observation decks, and raised boardwalks for exploring the wetlands.
  • The Museum of Hilton Head offers guided tours of the beaches; visitors can also take private tours by kayak or bike.
  • Biking and horse-riding are top outdoors activities (though golf tops them both, with over 20 golf courses)

For accommodation, good family choices include Disney's Hilton Head Resort, the Holiday Inn Express, and the Comfort Inn Hilton Head which has six wooded acres, three lagoons and an outdoor pool. Vacation home rentals are popular, too. The Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce site has suggestions for where to stay as well as what to do.

Resorts: Kids' Programs

Most programs offered are seasonal, from Memorial Day to Labor Day; some continue year-round on weekends/holidays, and some run also during spring break.

Keep in Mind:

  • Much of the beach is private-access. However, once you're on a beach (reached through a public-access area), visitors are free to walk anywhere.
  • children's entertainer Gregg Russel often gives outdoor performances in the Hilton Head area.

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