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Travel Games to Print Out


Yes, we live with hand-held videogames, iPads, games on cell-phones, and DVDs in the minivan... yet for travel games on long car trips, kids can still have fun with old-fashioned favorites such as Connect the Dots, Tic Tac Toe, and simple word puzzles.

Below are six links for printable travel games, courtesy of guest contributor Nancy Bates. These travel games suit kids age five and up.

Tip: If your child tends to get carsick, encourage him/her to look out the window: play the License Plate game or a word game s/he can play while focusing outside the car. Reading or focusing the eyes on a hand-held game can make motion sickness worse.

Simple Travel Games to Print Out and Play in Cars or Planes

More Printable Travel Games on the Web

Here are some good places to try.
  • Mom's Minivan: print out car bingo games, and also check out other ideas such as make a cootie-catcher or string figures.
  • Printable travel games and more at FamilyEducation.com: this website has thousands of printable activities including puzzles, quizzes, coloring pages, and holiday activities.
  • For preschoolers, the Nick Jr. website has printable materials including travel games such has Dora the Explorer's connect-the-dots and Diego's Car Bingo.

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