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Jamaica Weather

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Photo courtesy of Sunset Resorts, Jamaica.
Photo courtesy of Sunset Resorts, Jamaica.
The home of reggae and rastas is also a popular spot for families, thanks to the country's all inclusive resorts.

Luckily, Jamaica has a wonderful climate. Here's what you need to know, when planning a getaway.

Average Temperature

In winter, the average temperature is 75 degrees; in summer it's about 80. This means that a getaway in summer can be very pleasant-- and you'll be enjoying price discounts of up to 40%.

Even with these balmy temperatures, pack a light jacket. Perhaps you'll go up to the mountains, where temperatures can be 10 degrees cooler; perhaps you'll take a windy boat trip. Also, air-conditioning can be very chilly sometimes. 

Rainy Months

Jamaica weather is generally sunny year-round, but its lush greenery tells you that rain's gotta fall sometime. 

in fact, some 78 inches of rain fall every year. Rain falls mainly in the mountains; on the coast, showers are usually intense but brief and can be a welcome cool-off.

The rainiest months are May and October, (then June and September, but less so), and on occasion the rains can be very heavy indeed. If you're worried that your getaway will be rained out, see section on Hurricanes and Weather Guarantees, below.


We once visited in April, and wind was our weather enemy, not rain. On the north coast, wind kept us from scuba trips and snorkeling outings. I got the impression that the Negril Beach area was considered more sheltered, and indeed when we went there the weather was fine for watersports.


Ah, the H-word.  Official hurricane season stretches from June 1 through to Nov. 30, and peak months are August to October.

Jamaica has been hit by hurricanes mainly in August (Gustav in 2008, Charley, 2004) and early September (Ivan, 2004, Gilbert, 1988.)

The chance of a hurricane beating up your particular piece of paradise is small; but even if a hurricane doesn't land right on you, it disrupts weather pattern for miles around and can bring rain and wind. 

So what to do, during the months that are risky for Jamaica weather? Seems a shame to turn our backs on those terrific discount rates, that coincide so nicely with school summer break.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect your holiday.

Weather Guarantees

Many resorts nowadays offer hurricane protection: Beaches, Superclubs, Franklyn D. Resort, and more. Also, major booking companies such as Expedia offer hurricane protection-- see more about Weather Guarantees.

In sum, every year thousands of families enjoy the best of Jamaica's weather; meanwhile, an increasing number of policies are available to protect against the risks of bad weather in Jamaica and elsewhere.

Always check resort -- and other-- web sites for updates!.

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