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Horse-Drawn Caravans in Ireland


Ireland horse-drawn caravans

photo courtesy of Irish Horse-Drawn Caravans.

It's definitely a vacation your neighbors haven't done yet.

And what a wonderful way to see the famed Irish countryside: in your own comfy gypsy-style caravan, drawn by a patient horse.

Caravan? What's that?

Picture a gypsy caravan, or a tiny version of a covered wagon like you see in old Westerns. Your modern caravan sleeps four (or sometimes five) and has a cooker, sink/wash-basin, kitchen equipment, seating for meals, and internal lights.

Where do we stay?

You and your caravan will stay at designated farms, guest-houses, pubs and hotels that will make you welcome, all for a reasonable fee. At a minimum, they'll provide grass for the horse, and sanitary facilities. But many provide more, such as cooked meals, farm produce, packed lunches, baby-sitting, hot showers, and transportto local attractions.

I don't know anything about horses!

Not to worry. "All you need is the willingness to learn." Besides, your horse has done this trip a hundred times. A friend who caravaned with his wife and two kids described to me how they were once baffled at a crossroads: despite a detailed map, they couldn't figure out which way to go.

Solution: he dropped the reins, and let the horse decide.

And by the way, this friend --who's done resorts and many other family vacations-- considered this horse-drawn Irish experience to be a wonderful family holiday. A personal recommendation, straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak.

To find out more, and see opulent photos, see the web site of the Irish Horse Drawn Caravan Federation. Yes, there is such a thing.

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