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Car Travel: Find Great Routes


Quirky little restaurant, on a road trip.

Road trips: make memories with a few quirky stops.

Planning a family road trip? Any great family car trip is partly about the destination and partly about the journey.

While it's tempting to pack a zillion gadgets to keep your kids busy in the back seat, road trips are a great opportunity to introduce your kids to classic car games such as I Spy, I'm Going on a Picnic and The Name Game. There are also many fabulous travel toys and activities that are portable and easy to take along on your trips.

Find Great Drives

  • Head over to the site of premier magazine Travel+Leisure, for Ten Great American Drives, such as The Oregon Coast, Yosemite, and Florida's Overseas Highway down to Key West --all with suggested lodgings for a family of four.
  • Also from GORP: see National Scenic Byways and Other Recreational Drives, with a clickable map for the United States.
And GORP has it's own Top Ten U.S. Scenic Drives as well.
  • Rand McNally Best of the Road: the well-known mapmaker company has an excellent web site. Click on Plan a Road Trip to make your way to editor's picks for "Best of the Road": "scenic drives with plenty of cool stuff to see and do along the way".
  • Onroute magazine is another source of inspiration for great road trips, including the Grand Canyon North Rim, Colorado's Trailridge Drive, Arizona's Apache Trail, and many more.
  • Road Trip USA
    Great routes, in different regions; many details and suggestions for fun stops.
  • And for a quirky look at car travel, there's Roadside America: "Your travel guide to offbeat vacation fun." Viking longboats, world's largest twine ball... check any state for such must-see sights.

Once you've picked your highways, use driving directions sites for directions, distances, and estimated driving time; also check Road Trip planners sites to find sightseeing, lodging, and more.

Finally: Rand-McNally has made road maps for decades. See two classic Road Maps for the US, Canada, and Mexico: large size, vinyl covers; price comparisons.

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