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Family Vacations April 2006 Archive


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Ten Myths about Family Vacations

Friday April 28, 2006
Disneyland's pretty much like Disney World, right? And guests shouldn't tip at all-inclusive resorts; a "suite" means a unit with more than one room; and travel with kids in Europe ... Read More

St. Kitts: two summer deals for families

Friday April 28, 2006
St. Kitts is a small luxuriant island, only 5 miles wide but with plenty to explore: hikes in the rainforest, tours of a dormant volcano crater, fortress and plantation house tours, ... Read More

TV Turnoff Week: great places without the Tube

Tuesday April 25, 2006
April 24 to 30 2006 is Turn Off the TV week: and if you have to ask, "why?", then you're probably watching more than the 7 hours and 40 minutes ... Read More

All-inclusive Resorts: what's the deal?

Monday April 24, 2006
Why are they so popular for family vacations? What's included, and what isn't? Read about all-inclusive resorts, what to watch out for, what's the price range-- and how to find ... Read More

Squeezing a whole lot more into your luggage...

Sunday April 23, 2006
... by squeezing out a lotta air. That's the principle behind "space saver" types of storage bags: put your stuff into a clear and reusable plastic bag, seal the bar, ... Read More

Family Vacation Idea: Sandestin Florida

Friday April 21, 2006
Giant Sandestin Resort, in northwest Florida has big numbers: 2400 acres, 7.5 miles of beach and bayfront, 4 golf courses. Three big draws have made Sandestin a magnet on the Emerald ... Read More

Poll: Does your family do 3-G travel?

Tuesday April 18, 2006
Poll: Does your family travel 3-G? Many families travel with three generations: kids, parents, and grandparents. Does this kind of family travel suit you? Yay! We vacation together whenever ... Read More

Expedition Everest -- and beyond

Saturday April 15, 2006
Disney's latest and greatest launched April 8 2006: Expedition Everest, a new roller coaster in Walt Disney World. The 200-ft. tall mountain is an instant landmark in Animal ... Read More

I love Paris in the spring-time...

Wednesday April 12, 2006
Or anytime at all. Paris is a terrific city to visit with kids, and you needn't mortgage the house to do it: budget travel in Europe is perfectly respectable and ... Read More

Family Travel: Triple Drum-roll...

Friday April 7, 2006
May is just over the horizon, and early in the month this year is Mother's Day: which, by the way, has an interesting history in the US that goes back ... Read More

Best Family-Friendly Resorts

Monday April 3, 2006
Child Magazine has just posted its Top Ten picks plus another 50 runner-ups. Top nods include: The Breakers Palm Beach - opulence and fine dining plus beach bonfires, kids programs, Family ... Read More

Family Vacations: April- What's Hot

Saturday April 1, 2006
The Easter Eggs have been hunted, the Parades paraded, the ski slopes closed in most places... Luckily summer's just around the corner-- see Memorial Day, below-- and meanwhile April does ... Read More

Family Vacation Idea: Adventures by Disney

Saturday April 1, 2006
Mickey's been busy: not only is he sending a cruise ship to the Mediterranean (see below), he's also jumping into Family Adventures. "Family Adventures" are a lovely niche in the ... Read More

Daytona Beach-- for spring break?

Saturday April 1, 2006
Yes, you read right. Turns out that the town synonymous with wild college spring break has room for families too. 2006 marks the second Spring Family Beach Break program, from ... Read More

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